Zedbugs are a long lasting and fun Christmas present

Zedbugs are a new take on the original children’s scooter, with a sit on design that increases speed and safety at the same time! They encourage activity and are one of the coolest toys around!

Safe and fun exercise

Small, compact, yet with a modern rugged construction, it is quickly cleaned and easily stored. Its hi-tech skateboard wheels are at home indoors and out, on tarmac, concrete, lino, parquet flooring, indeed on any reasonably flat surface..
The simple swinging motion comes far more naturally than the pedalling action needed for a bike and with 5 points of contact through the seat, feet and hands, balancing is far less challenging. Most important, the ZedBug’s stability and closeness to the ground gives children that vital sense of security which adds their confidence.

Helping schools to work to the national curriculum, together with Out of School and Holiday Clubs

To make up for the time lost during lockdown, it is important that our children are given more chance to take and enjoy exercise whilst also following the national curriculum.

The Zedbug® is the ideal activity toy for Key stage 1 and 2 pupils in school and at home.

Heightened awareness of the dangers of obesity in children, with the resultant government initiatives, stress that “It is important to encourage enthusiasm for exercise. If physical play can be built into a child’s everyday life, it is more likely to continue into adult life” (Healthy Schools Initiative).
At Zedbugs we are passionate about the need for physical fitness in children and the Zedbug encourages them to exercise safely through stimulating play and to get into that vital ‘activity habit’, and thus supporting the government’s Healthy Schools Initiative

The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils “Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities are physically active for sustained periods of time”-

Exercise for all including special needs

The choices of individual or group play and activity offered by the Zed Bug are endless. Zed Bug Hockey, Netball and Frisbee are just a few imaginative games we have come across while everyone loves to drive along the ‘road’ laid out on the playground with red and white cones. Children with Special Needs have also found the Zed Bug both rewarding and fun.


Ride on scooters and sit on scooters are lots of fun for kids any age and are designed to appeal to children aged 3 and upwards. They are a unique design, which stands out from the crowd, making them effortlessly cool!


Zedbugs have a tough polypropylene seat, steel handlebar/footrest, and three skateboard size wheels. All of our scooters comply with BS EN 71 Part 1 and have a 1-year limited warranty.


The Zedbugs Ltd company is based in Tiverton in Devon. We started making children’s scooters in 2005 and have delivered them far and wide! Zedbugs can be purchased here and delivery is available throughout the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What ages of children can ride on Zedbugs?
A. Children over 3 years old can use Zedbugs, usually up to about 11 years. However adults cannot resist the temptation to ride!
Q. Where can Zedbugs be used?
A. Zedbugs can be used on any hard level indoor or outdoor surface, but not gravel or grass.
Q. Is it healthy to use Zedbugs?
A. Yes! Zedbugs provide healthy but fun exercise at home, at school and sports areas
Q. Are Zedbugs safe?
A. Zedbugs comply with the safety requirements of BS EN 71, and are safe for use by children over 3 years of age.
Q. Are Zedbugs fun?
A. Zedbugs have received many reports of great fun riding either alone or in groups.
Q. How long will Zedbugs last?
A. Since they are solidly built from polypropylene seats and steel handlebars, Zedbugs will provide many years of fun and exercise for your children!

“Our children love them. Ever since we put Zedbugs in our toy library we have been inundated”

“The children are very excited when it is their turn to have the Zedbug. They are happy while exercising- so there is no time for bullying”

Julia M

Why not get your child moving with this fun, cool, sit on scooter? Contact Zedbugs Ltd today!