“The children have been thrilled with the Zedbugs and they are very popular with all age groups and with our special needs children. Staff are also excited with them and keen to have a go” Priestic Primary School, Notts. User ages: 3-5 years

“Our children have learning difficulties and they are excellent for gross motor development, spatial awareness, self esteem and fun”. Hallmoor School, Birmingham. User ages: 5-11 years

“We bought the Zedbug to be used by children with physical difficulties which make walking or pedalling hard or impossible. As long as they can use their arms they can now play out along with the other children on bikes and scooters” Northampton Children & Young People’s Service, . User ages: 4-6 years

“Great little toys. Easy to use and fun. I will recommend your product” Clifton Hill Sports Centre, Exeter. User ages: 4-10“Storage in our setting is a problem, as the Zedbug is so light and compact it is ideal. The children mastered the technique of moving the Zedbug quite quickly” Wall Heath Pre-School, W.Midlands. User ages: 3-5 years.

“We have a rota system so that everyone has a turn. The children are very excited when its their turn to have the Zedbug. They are happy whilst exercising- so there is no time for bullying” Cwn Glas Infants School, Mid Glamorgan. User ages: 4-7 years

“ The children love it and have found it very easy to use. It is fantastic exercise The parents want an adult version” St Mary’s C of E Primary School, Manchester. User ages: 3-5 years

“Children love them and they provide them with an excellent exercise tool” Birchen Coppice Middle School, Worcestershire. User ages: 9-13 years

“ The children that found it difficult got the hang of it within minutes. One boy had been on the Zedbug a while and looked as if he had done a full work out when he got off” Oak Tree After School Club, Stockport. User ages: 4-11 years

“Children of all ages love the Zedbugs; even the teachers have been observed trying them out. They were a great money raiser at our school fete too” Severn Infant School, CardiffUser ages: 6-7 years

“Great fun. Kids love them as they’re something new. Adults have fun too!.” Bedworth Heath Children’s Centre, Northants. User ages: 4-11 years

“ The Zedbugs have appealed to all of our children-from the youngest to the oldest- we like the flexibility that they offer” Superkids Ltd, Cheshire. User Ages 3-11 years

“Zedbugs have proved very popular for all ages at our camps” Supercamps Ltd, Abingdon. User ages: 4-12 years

“Adult size would be good. Why should children have all the fun? ” * St Peter’s Playgroup, Crewe. User ages 3-4 years.