Zedbugs (Blue)


The Zedbug ® is a ‘mini-trike’ for 3-11 year olds which  creates forward movement simply by swinging the handlebar from side to side with the hands and feet.

  • Fun & Safe. Ground-hugging Zedbugs ® give the exciting sensation of speed.
  • Robust: Zedbugs® have only four moving parts (three sets of skateboard sized   wheels and a central pivot),  tough polypropylene seats and steel handlebars – making them  ideal  for home, school, out-of-school, holiday club, preschool, nursery  and toy library use.
  • Excellent exercise. The energetic but rhythmic swinging of the handlebars  exercises the   whole body and assists in motor skills development, balance and coordination.

Ideal for fun and exercise on hard level surfaces at home, in  playgrounds, sports halls and playrooms either  individually  in breakfast and after school clubs .