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Introducing Zedbugs!

The sit on scooter for children of all abilities than combines fun and exercise!

Zedbugs are fun, safe and tough!

Fun but safe!

Zedbugs are designed to be ground-hugging sit on

Tough and durable!

When we designed the Zedbug, we wanted to ensure they were tough and durable, so that you only have to buy once and get years of enjoyment! They have only four moving parts (three sets of wheels and a central pivot). The seat is made of hard-wearing polypropylene and the handlebars are made of steel. Tough enough to withstand the demanding environment of children’s play! Zedbugs are ideal for both play at home and in the playground.

Exercise that won’t feel like exercise!

We all know how important it is to get our children away from the TV Screen, computer screen and tablet, but sometimes that is easier said than done! The Zedbug ride on scooter is ideal for giving your child something fun to do, outside! The rhythmic swing of the handlebars gets them moving and developing their balance and motor skills, all while having too much fun to realise they are exercising! Get your child moving and playing outside with the cool new sit on scooter, the Zedbug.

“Our children love them. Ever since we put Zedbugs in our toy library we have been inundated”

“The children are very excited when it is their turn to have the Zedbug. They are happy while exercising- so there is no time for bullying”

Julia M

Why not get your child moving with this fun, cool, sit on scooter? Contact Zedbugs Ltd today!